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When you have lemons, make lemonade – and when there’s sleet and cold outside, write “Plank 4”.  Thanks to the entirely untempting Cambridge weather today, I have managed a massive 2,697 words.

Something I have been mulling recently is repeat characters and how much to repeat about them.  For instance, today I was working on a chapter where Sam goes to see his friend John Wontner, the keeper of Newgate gaol.  Wontner has appeared in all three previous books, and he’s a very handy sounding board for Sam, working, as he does, alongside serious criminals every day.  But do I need to describe him every time?  I am very keen for each book to stand alone, as I think it’s unfair to expect people to buy more than one book – I can’t insist that everyone starts with “Fatal Forgery” and works their way through them in order.  But for people who do do that – and I love you all – is it irritating to read descriptions again?  I do try to vary them, and sometimes I give more detail (for instance, in “FF” and “Blossom” you are told why Wontner has a wooden leg, whereas in “Canary” and “Plank 4” you are simply told that he has a wooden leg), but I worry that readers will roll their eyes because they know all of this.  The compromise I am working with at the moment is that you’ll get a very short bit of character intro each time, and then the actual relationships are allowed to grow with each book – so I don’t say in each book that Wontner is one of Sam’s closest friends, but if you read them all, you’ll get the idea.