Susan Grossey

Size isn’t everything – I hope

Just a quick update for you today, as I have been working for nearly nine hours on researching financial sanctions (for the day job) and am therefore a bit googly-eyed.  But I did want to share something with you.

This weekend I worked very hard on “Plank 4” and was thrilled to shatter my 2,000-word weekly target with a fabulous 2,655 words written over the two days.  Until, that was, I relaxed in front of a recording of “Antiques Roadshow”.  Someone had brought along their grandad’s collection of hardback first editions of Enid Blyton’s “Famous Five” series of books (worth about £8,000 in total, the expert reckoned).  Yes, he explained, our Enid was a “writing factory”: she wrote 762 books, usually managing 10,000 words a day.  10,000 words a day!  Well, that deflated me, I can tell you.  Never mind: Sam might not have access to lashings of ginger beer, but I have just written another tavern scene (it’s the Saracen’s Head again – it’s becoming something of a local for him).

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