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Today’s the day!  As I mentioned last week, Helen Hollick has taken up the A-Z Blogging Challenge, and – to ring the changes – has decided to interview not authors, but their characters.  And today she is chatting to Sam, specifically about his adventures in “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat”.

As we were preparing our interview for Helen and I was taking down Sam’s answers to her questions, I realised that he does have voice that is distinct from mine.  He is much more careful with his words than I am – after all, a constable knows that a misunderstanding can take you to the gallows.  He does have a sense of humour, but it is quite dry and spare.  And he does rather stand on his dignity – he’s very aware of the significance of his uniform and the importance of public perception of magistrates and their constables, long before we started talking about PR and calling the public “clients” of the police service.

Very kindly, people have been leaving comments to say that they have enjoyed “meeting” Sam, and I shall certainly enjoy meeting other authors’ characters over the coming weeks.  This is such a fun way to do promotion, and one that makes best possible use of the social media tools that we now have.  In the most recent issue of The Author (magazine of the Society of Authors), someone suggested hosting a Q&A online, and having seen the success of Helen’s character-based blogging, I might well have a bash.