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Maps and monsoons

I know, I know – I’ve been very quiet recently.  But rest assured that I have not been neglecting Sam.  I went on holiday to Malta for a week and did take a complete break from him then; although Malta has a truly fascinating history of its own, I think it would be quite a stretch to shoe-horn Sam into it.  But when I got back it was full steam ahead, and I have three quick updates for you.

Firstly, this morning I met my “map man” who is preparing the maps for the books – “Walking the Plank” – and things are progressing well with that.  It’s quite an informal arrangement, and it feels impolite to push him for a deadline, so the current plan is to create two versions of each map: one to go into the books (from “Plank 4” onwards if we make it in time, or “Plank 5” if not), and one for download from this website.  So – eventually – there will be a map for each book, showing the key locations for the series (Sam’s house, Great Marlborough Street, Newgate, etc.) plus the specific locations for that story.

Secondly, nature took control yesterday: I went into the library to do an hour’s research for “Plank 4” and then the heavens opened.  It rained solidly for the next four hours, and I was stuck – so I ended up writing 1,256 words.  Every cloud, etc.

And thirdly, I have started thinking about titles for “Plank 4”.  As you know, I decide on a shortlist of five, and then you choose the one you like best.  I have thought of three – two of which I like a lot – and in idle moments I let my mind wander around more.  It’s always exciting to start considering the title, as it means that the end of the first draft is in sight – until that point, I have no idea what to call anything.

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