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I’ve just realised that (a) I should have saved that last post about Martha’s American fans until today (4th July), and (b) I forgot to tell you all about the new page on this website.  I can’t do much about (a), but I can rectify (b) – the new page.  That’s it – up there.  Between this blog page and the Purchase page – it’s called “Plank Q&A”.  I was going to call it “Sam Q&A”, but I received a hard stare from you-know-who, and so it’s a shared endeavour.

In essence, it is there to enable people – you, perhaps – to ask Sam and Martha questions about themselves, or about life in 1820s London, or about their views on justice or youth or education or politics, or for the address of a reliable tailor of uniforms, or for good recipes for on-the-turn mackerel.  I do a huge amount of reading around when I research the Plank novels (I can’t seem to stop), and much of what I learn doesn’t make it into the plot – it’s just there to ensure that I’m “in the zone” when I write.  Personally I don’t like books where the author is determined to ram in every last piece of research, just to prove that they have done it, and you rather feel as though you are being battered about the head by a determined history professor.  And so I try to wear what I learn more lightly, using it to season the story rather than form it – which means that I have plenty left over.  And if you’d like to know any of it, please just ask Sam or Martha, or ask them to ask me, and we’ll see what we can do for you.