For months now I have been referring to something called “Plank 4”.  But finally it is that time of year when I hand over responsibility for the naming of the new Sam Plank novel to you, my lovely readers.  As ever, there is a shortlist of five possible titles, and I’d like you to vote for your favourite.  The poll will close at the end of August, which is when I have to give the final title to the cover designers.  Of course, the tricky thing is telling you enough about the book to enable you to make an informed choice without giving away too much…

The main features of “Plank 4” are: miniature portraits; art forgery; the London Docks; French (people and language); and murder.  All of the main characters appear: Sam and Martha Plank, William Wilson, Conant the magistrate, Wontner the keeper of Newgate, Harmer the lawyer and Freame the banker.  And all of the action takes place in London and Kent, in 1827 (actual season of the year yet to be decided).

After much thought and even more chocolate (well, I am in Switzerland), I have settled on the five options, and here they are.


So which do you like best?  Just as a quick reminder, the first three Sam Plank novels are called “Fatal Forgery”, “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat” and “Worm in the Blossom” – so no pattern or constraints at all.  I await your selection with bated breath (which will be quite a feat over five weeks, but I’ll do my best).