I know you will have been on tenterhooks to hear about my poor, nearly-dead MacBook.  Did I mention that her name is Flora (as in Flora MacDonald, who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie)?  Anyway, I took Flora to the Apple Store Genius Bar yesterday – what a wash-out.  They do not concern themselves with data recovery, and simply told me what I already knew: that you can no longer “see” Flora’s hard drive to read from it.  Was it the hard drive, or the reading mechanism, or the reading software, I asked – but they didn’t know and (I felt) didn’t care.  Inspiration struck and I asked a Maccy neighbour for a recommendation, and he suggested going to see a local chap who rejoices in the (business) name of Zippin Pippin.  I had an appointment with him this morning, and he couldn’t have been more encouraging and sympathetic.

Flora herself can be saved: the hard drive (of which more in a minute) will be replaced, her RAM increased, her vents dusted and all manner of beautification and pampering undertaken to restore her to glory – hurrah!  She also received lots of compliments on her appearance and the great care that has been taken of her.  So Flora will live to write another book.  Here she is on arrival at hospital.


The hard drive, on the other hand, is significantly buggered: it’s a mechanical failure such that the disk does not turn and so cannot be read.  Thankfully Zippin Pippin is obsessed with data recovery and has vowed to work on it night and day, deploying all of his skills (including freezing the disk) to recover my errant chapter and a half.  So I am more optimistic than I have been for some time, but everything is still crossed.  I’ll keep you posted.  Worst case scenario is that the data is truly gone and I’ll have to do some re-writing, but I have allowed time for that and should still meet my beta reader delivery date of this coming Thursday – eeek!