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It’s that truly awful time of year again: I have to write the back cover blurb for my new Sam Plank novel. Heaven only knows why I can write thousands and thousands of words in the actual book but can’t put together two good paragraphs for the back cover, but there it is. Anyway, I’ve had a go for “Plank 4”, and would REALLY appreciate any reactions/suggestions/thoughts. Here it is:

An elderly French artist is found dead in his rooms in London. Clutched in his hand is the thing he died to save: a beautiful miniature portrait of a little girl. Intrigued, Constable Sam Plank delves into the world of art dealing and finds himself navigating the fragile post-war relationship between England and France. And then someone starts attacking customs officers in London Docks – supposedly the most secure place in the country.

In the chilly spring of 1827, Plank and his junior constable William Wilson meet charming Frenchmen in London and shadow daring blockademen in Kent to uncover smuggling and even more dangerous plans, while Sam’s wife Martha has to put aside her own matchmaking hopes when Wilson falls in love.