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Thank you all for taking part in my title poll for “Plank 4”.  The poll has now closed, and I can report that 39 votes were cast (I didn’t vote myself, in case you’re wondering – after all, I was able to choose the candidates so in effect I had five votes).  And the winner, with sixteen of those votes, is “Portraits of Pretence”.  In second place, with eleven votes, was “The Art of Perfection”.  This was my husband’s choice and he is in somewhat of a grump about it, but The Poll Has Spoken.  I would have been delighted with any outcome, as I didn’t offer any titles that I didn’t like.  Today’s job is to finalise that back cover blurb so that I can give everything to the cover designer.

And in case you’re wondering about the inside of the book as well as the outside, I have now heard from beta reader Roy.  He likes the plot!  Big relief.  He has of course made some excellent suggestions for improvement, and that’s my goal for this coming fortnight: edits.  Sadly, now that my writing retreat is over, I can’t dedicate myself full-time to it (real life will intrude, with its demands for money and food), but I will do my best.

Quick update on “AudioSam”, as we’re now calling the audiobook of “Fatal Forgery”: the recording is all done as far as the narrator and I are concerned, and the files have been submitted to ACX for technical approval, which will take at least a week.