Susan Grossey

The sound of Sam

The complete audiobook of “Fatal Forgery” is still making its way through the production process – the ACX website says that it is “heading for retail”, which is a step up from “checking files” and suggests that the files are all OK.  However – great excitement, this – what I can now offer you is a five-minute sample of Sam.  I know!  Sam, in the, well, not the flesh, but certainly coming alive.  The narrator’s name is Guy Hanson, he’s a professional voice person (ads, narrations, telephone messages and so on) and as soon as I heard him, I knew he was Sam.  And yes, I did check that he was feeling strong in heart and limb and liked the idea of a series of seven books.

So the full audiobook is not yet ready for purchase – you can be sure I’ll mention it when it is – but here, for your delectation and entertainment, is five minutes of Sam.  (For those who know the book, it’s chapter 13, “Banker to the banks”.)  I’ve uploaded it to SoundCloud (get me, sounding like I know what I’m doing):

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