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It’s here!  The audiobook of “Fatal Forgery” is now available for purchase from Amazon, Audible and iBooks, with five-minute free samples offered on all three sites.  Obviously I am a novice at this, but here’s what I have gleaned so far (from a technical, publishing, money-earning perspective).

On Amazon, the link is made automatically between other editions of the book and this new audio version, so all the existing reviews can be seen – hurrah!  If you want to buy through Amazon, you are patched through to Audible, which Amazon now owns, but it still looks more Amazon-ish than Audibl-ish.  Once there, you have two options: ordering a one-off download, or setting up a monthly subscription to Audible (£7.99 per month) which allows you to download one new book a month.  They are currently offering a 30-day free trial, and there is also a system of credits that you can buy to save money on your monthly sub.  If someone signs up to the monthly sub and downloads “Fatal Forgery” as their first book – which demonstrates that “FF” is what brought them to Audible – and then they stay with Audible for at least two paid monthly cycles, I get a bounty payment.  It’s US$50, and it’s shared equally between the narrator and me.

You can also do all of this (one-off download or monthly sub) by going direct to Audible, rather than through Amazon – but the net result is the same.  Well, almost the same: the one-off download is (today) priced at £14.60 on Amazon, and at £16.69 on Audible.  (I mentioned a while ago that the strangest thing about audiobooks for me as a self-published author is that the pricing is out of my control – I’m used to setting my own prices.)

Lastly, if you’re Mac-ish by nature, you can download the audiobook to your iPhone or Mac from iTunes.  I’m not nearly as au fait with this system, but I have managed to find the link, and today the iTunes download price for “Fatal Forgery” is £10.95.

As far as I can tell – and this is all theory at the moment, as I have had no sales yet – I can track it all via my ACX dashboard, which will record all sales and bounties.  And, as with paperback and e-book sales, I will no doubt fail almost instantly in my resolution not to check the figures every hour or so.