Susan Grossey

Scenting the finish line

Just a quick update for you today, as things are moving along apace with “Portraits of Pretence”.  I have now done my final edits (until, that is, an eagle-eyed reader writes to me in a few months’ time to point out something I’ve missed!) and have cut and pasted the text into the format needed for uploading to CreateSpace.  I’ve written the back cover blurb (which doubles as the book description on Amazon), chosen the key words (for Amazon cataloguing) and set the price.  All I need now is the cover, which I have approved in draft and am hoping to see in finished form very soon.  So you don’t have long to wait to see that!  All I’m saying at the moment is that it’s green…  Once I’ve uploaded the cover to CreateSpace I can order my author copy, and once I’ve seen that I can publish quietly and order my big box of books to be delivered to bookshops ahead of the official publication date of 21 October.

Before then, I still have to take the finalised text of “Portraits of Pretence”, strip it of all its formatting, and turn it into different versions suitable for Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, Nook and Gumroad.  I sell hardly any in any e-format except Kindle, but the other books are available in those formats and it seems churlish to stop now.  I’m working in Guernsey this coming week, so I figure that creating one format per evening should see me through.

And just this morning, I found myself thinking about the plot of “Plank 5”…

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