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Waiting for reviews is always rather scary, and with “AudioSam”, there is the extra tension of knowing that there is someone else involved too – what if someone says something bad about the narrator and it’s actually my fault for writing a bad book?  So it is a HUGE relief to be able to report that Guy (the narrator) and I have received our first review for the audiobook of “Fatal Forgery”, and it’s really positive and encouraging.  It’s on Goodreads, and here’s what it says:

Like a good radio drama

I enjoyed Fatal Forgery.  The storyline and narration were good.  Guy Hanson as Constable Sam Plank brought the whole story to life and I was transported to Victorian London.  I did like it when Sam got excited at the trial and with all the different character witnesses quite quick fire.  Felt like a Sherlock Holmes in Part and a James McLevy but without the sidekick.

The main downside is that this is the first in the Sam Plank series to be made available through Audible and I would really like to listen to the next one now to follow the story.  So can you please get on with this now.

Please note that this review was undertaken through The Good Reads audiobook programme.

Bill Scott
Edinburgh September 2016

I am so thrilled that Guy’s hard work on the large number of voices needed for the trial chapter was noticed – I felt a bit bad about that one!  I think we’ll probably wait a little while to check that sales go well (we’ve just cleared twenty) but it’s certainly nice to know that at least one listener would like the (audio) series to continue.