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I imagine that the day before publication of one of his books, Charles Dickens’s to do list would say “Raise glass to self for having written another one”.  But the list for the modern self-published author – i.e. me – is much longer and less liquid.  Here it is:

  • Update writing blog purchase link
  • Update working blog purchase link
  • Update working blog sidebar and purchase link
  • Update email footer
  • Update Public Lending Right dashboard
  • Update Society of Authors profile
  • Update Amazon Author Central profile
  • Update Goodreads profile
  • Update Authorgraph profile

All done now, so everything is poised – poised, I tell you – for official publication tomorrow morning.  That will be a low-key affair, with a posting on Facebook and a Tweet, and then me jumping around the room yelling, “Book four is done!  Book four is done!”.