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This is turning into quite a day.  The lovely Toppings bookshop in Ely has agreed to stock “Portraits of Pretence” and so I planned a delivery run today.  Realising that this gives me the perfect excuse to celebrate (again!) the publication of the book in the very building where I first worked on the Sam Plank series (while I was enrolled on the Gold Dust mentoring programme, when “Fatal Forgery” was a twinkle in my eye, my mentor Jill Dawson and I would meet here for cake), I have booked lunch at the Old Fire Engine House.  But before that I had to cycle out to the Fitzwilliam Museum shop to drop off the three copies that they have agreed to try to sell – that’s two stockists in one day!

As if that wasn’t enough, I wandered over to Amazon this morning (three stockists in one day!) and spotted that I have two five-star reviews for “Portraits”.  With comments like “beautifully researched”, “immense charm” and “assured and entertaining”, my cup runneth over.

And then – and then! – my generous reviewer Jo (she of the delightful book blog Jaffareadstoo) has featured me and a chapter of “Portraits” on her blog today.  So far I have been a very selfish blogger; every post I have done has been written by me, and in essence has been about me.  This will change, as I can’t continue to benefit from all this kindness without reciprocating.  But for today, I am wallowing, wallowing I tell you, in “Portraits” promotion.  And you know what?  It’s made me start to miss Sam, and I know I have two years in which to write “Plank 5” but perhaps I’ll just write a few notes, and read up on the weather in 1828, and do some research on slavery in the Caribbean-but-not-the-places-you-think-of, and…