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As foreseen, this is a rather peculiar time – I’m promoting one book, overseeing the audio-fication of another, and starting to research and write yet another.  Of course “proper” authors do this all the time, and so have I in past years, but now that I have decided to really put my back into marketing, the dislocation seems much more obvious.  That said, my determination to shove “Portraits of Pretence” under the nose of anyone I can think of is paying (very small) dividends.

Next month I am going down to London for a tour around the Pennington Street vaults, which feature significantly in “Portraits” – finding the right person has taken some persistence, but she’s happy to see me and wants to read the book as well.  And of course I get to walk in the very underground caverns where Sam and his customs officer friend Ben Sharpe… ah, but I can’t tell you what happens there in case it spoils the story for you.

There is a chance that I might be taking part in a workshop about self-publishing as part of the alumnae celebrations at my old university college next September.  It’s many months away, but planning is already underway, and I am going the week after next to see the woman who is in charge of the event programme.

Yesterday I called in to one of the Cambridge bookshops stocking my titles, and the manager of the crime department asked whether I had been on the radio, as there had been “a run” on my books – two sold that very day!  And while I was there, I was invited to take part in their annual Christmas crime event – “Murder Under the Mistletoe” – which is a fabulous opportunity to entice new readers, and a lovely, convivial way to catch up with other (mostly local) authors.

So I think the grand plan is working: slow, constant marketing pressure is needed, and not just a launch blitz.  If only I didn’t have a day job as well…

Oh, and my lovely reviewer “Hooked on Books” is back, with a five-star appraisal of “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat”.  Turns out that she’s a vintage jeweller, so she’s going to love “Portraits” when she gets there!