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Just a quick update today, so that you know that I’m not resting on my laurels.  (I’m a bit pleased with myself, as I see that in the past few days I have sold seven paperback copies of “Portraits of Pretence”, and that’s quite a heady pace for my books!)

Ever on the lookout for promotional opportunities, I was on a plane the other day and spotted that in their in-flight magazine they had an interview with an author, talking about the city where her book is set (the link is that the airline flies there).  Well, thought I, they also fly to London, where my books are set, and so I mocked up a similar interview with myself and sent it in to the magazine editor.  It might not – realistically, probably won’t – lead anywhere, but they certainly weren’t going to come looking for me, and it was a diverting way to spend the flight.

I have had a cheque from the Fitzwilliam Museum for their three copies of “Portraits”, so I don’t know whether that means they have sold them, or they just pay their bills very promptly (rather unusual in the book world, I have found!).  I will have to skulk in there soon to see if the shelf is bare…

As for “Plank 5”, I am going to start this week with my usual method: adding some relevant pictures to my Sam Pinterest board.  I’m not generally a very visual person, preferring words, but I do find that it puts me in the mood to look for illustrations of things that were happening in the right year – “Plank 5” takes place in 1828.