Susan Grossey

Season’s greetings from Sam

In common with half the world, I use this rather peculiar time of year to reflect on what I have done in the last twelve months and what I hope to do in the next.  I will admit that I have been slightly cast down by the slow sales figures for the Sam Plank books; just between you and me, I am always hoping for that Big Break, for someone influential to stumble across Sam and declare, “Why – this character is magnificent!  I shall ensure that he will star in his own Sunday evening period drama series, with endless money thrown at production values!”.  It might yet happen, but we’re four books in and no-one influential is doing much stumbling.

But at this time of good cheer and so on, it is perhaps better to remind myself of how much Sam is liked by those who have discovered him.  Looking at my recent reviews on Amazon, I see that Mr L Moss was keen on “Worm in the Blossom”: “The two previous books in this series were excellent but this, the third, was even better – before I reached the end of page one I was hooked.”  Continuing the angling metaphor, someone called ‘Hooked on Books’ has been working his/her way through the series, starting with “Fatal Forgery”: “I struggled to put down my Kindle, and found myself contemplating the plot in my head whilst nodding off.  Very gripping read and now on to the next in the series.”  And on Twitter, ‘Leigh (on the left)’ thrillingly declared “Worm in the Blossom” to be his “best read of 2016”.

So what plans for 2017?  I am – as ever – thinking of new ways to promote Sam, and I’m on the trail of a couple of ideas, including giving him away on the Tube…  And on the technical side of things, I have registered with Nielsen’s as a small publisher.  Nielsen’s are the people who fulfil orders for bookshops, so once my titles are listed with them – it’s a rather Byzantine process, but we’re getting there – then any bookshop in the land will be able to order the Sam books through the Nielsen website/phone-line.  And they will send the order to me, and I will fulfil it.  Of course, if I get hundreds of orders, I’ll be in trouble – and with postage costs, mightily out of pocket – but I thought it was worth trying the system to see how it works.  As ever, I’ll keep you posted, as I know other self-published authors like to know these things.

I am taking a short break from blogging and Tweeting – but not, of course, from Sam and Martha, as we’re in the middle of researching Caribbean poisonous plants – and so may I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year.


  1. Victoria Blake Avatar
    Victoria Blake

    I think it’s only a matter of time. They are fab books with great production value. All you can do is keep on keeping on. I’m very much looking forward to the Caribbean poisonous plants! Happy Christmas to you and yours

    1. ihatemoneylaundering Avatar

      Ah, how kind of you, Victoria – you know, it’s mainly a matter of mood! Sometimes I have very gung-ho, and other times, well, I’m sure you know. The key thing to remember is that I LOVE researching and writing them, and therefore that any sales at all are quite simply a nice bonus.

      Merry Christmas to you too.

      Best wishes from Susan (and Sam, Martha and William)

  2. Janis Pegrum Smith Avatar
    Janis Pegrum Smith

    Have a great Christmas break, perhaps you and I can put our heads together in the New Year and come up with some promo ideas J xx

    1. ihatemoneylaundering Avatar

      That sounds like a great idea, Janis – two heads and all that! Merry Christmas to you. Love from Susan xx

  3. Roy McCarthy Avatar
    Roy McCarthy

    Happy Christmas Susan. We’re sure to be famous once we’re dead 🙂

    1. ihatemoneylaundering Avatar

      Let’s call that our fall-back position, shall we, Roy?!

  4. Graham Avatar

    Dear Susan (and Sam, Martha and William)

    A very merry Christmas from me as well and, after all the real world surprises that 2016 has brought us, who knows what 2017 might have in store for our favourite Regency Constable!

    Enjoy your well earned break.


    1. ihatemoneylaundering Avatar

      Dear Graham
      Thank you very much – to be honest, I’m relieved to have an imaginary world to escape to when the real one is just too bizarre! At least I can control the fate of the baddies in my world…
      Happy new year to you.
      Best wishes from Susan and the Plank Gang!

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