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What a day!  It has quite restored my faith in humanity and – perhaps more usefully – my faith in plodding on with book marketing (of which more in the next post: I’ve found some new ideas and will let you know how they go).  You remember that a while ago (at the end of November) I moaned about writing in to an airline magazine with an idea and not hearing back?  Well, today I had this lovely email out of the blue (airline magazine reference – geddit?): “Thanks very much for your email – somehow I hadn’t read it or realised what it was!  Please could you supply a hi-res profile pic of yourself that we could use in the magazine?  I think we may be able to use your ‘Inspiration Time’ page in our April issue.”  No promises, obviously, and the poor woman may be quite put off by a hi-res photo of a gurning Grossey and fear that it will cause panic in the aisles, but you never know.  If anyone is travelling anywhere with FlyBe in April, you’ll have to check for me.

And that’s as if the day wasn’t marvellous enough already, with the appearance this morning of the latest (get me: not the first, not the only, but the latest) five-star review of “Portraits of Pretence”.  Jo Barton, who blogs under the name JaffaReadsToo, has been a stalwart supporter of Sam from the outset but she is a professional book reviewer and blogger, so I know she won’t be complimentary just for the sake of it.  The terror of writing a series (much outweighed by the joys, but still, a genuine terror) is that the new one won’t measure up to the old ones.  )If you’ve been following the recent excoriation of the latest “Sherlock” episodes, you will know what I mean.)  But HUGE sigh of relief: Jo reckons that “Portraits” sits as it should alongside the other Planks.