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We have take-off!

Back at the end of November, I told you about a brainwave I had had on a flight, and how I sent in a sample article (in reality, a big puff for the Sam Plank books) to the editor.  I heard nothing and assumed that it had gone into the large and depressing depository for failed marketing ideas – until I had a lovely email from the editor in mid January.  And today, the article has appeared in the April 2017 issue of “Flight Time”, the magazine put into all seat pockets on all Flybe flights.  (Here’s the link: I’m on page 20.)  According to Wikipedia, Flybe “flies 7 million passengers a year on 149 routes, from 62 destinations in 9 countries” – so that’s a huge number of potential new readers.  Of course the vast, vast majority of them won’t open the magazine or won’t read my article or won’t like the sound of the books, so I’ll keep you posted about any amazing spikes that I see in my sales figures.  But to be honest, just seeing one of my ideas come to fruition is exciting enough, as so many of them do fall into that depository of death and despondency.

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  1. Nick Avatar

    Good work Susan, a will be rehoming one of my little piggies to you as a prize!

  2. Nick Avatar

    I will*

  3. ihatemoneylaundering Avatar

    Tee hee! It’s hard to think of ways to promote books, so I just do anything that comes to mind – who knows if any of it works?
    Best wishes from Susan

  4. Zoe Avatar

    Well done – it reads really well!

    1. ihatemoneylaundering Avatar

      Thank you, Zoe – fingers crossed the director of Sunday night costume drama is on a Flybe flight and thinks, “My, this Sam Plank is just the fellow we need for our next extensive and lavishly-funded series…”! Well, a girl can hope.
      Best wishes from Susan

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    […] think of a way to connect you and/or your writing to their target market.  You might remember that I managed to get into Flybe’s in-flight magazine last year, by writing a piece about London as a destination, while managing to mention Sam Plank or […]

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