Susan Grossey

The “Canary” sings

It’s been quite the week in Sam Plank land – first my “Book of the Month” accolade for “Portraits of Pretence”, then the arrival of the bookmarks, and now the publication (if that’s the word) of the audio edition of “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat”.

Guy the narrator has been working like a Trojan in recent weeks, sending me clutches of chapters of “Canary”, and I have had a ball listening to it all again.  I haven’t read it since I published it, and it’s been great to hear it.  Even more importantly, it is very useful to have it to remind myself of certain character traits and biographical details as I start to wade more deeply into “Plank 5”.  Here’s where I spent most of the past weekend, during that sunny spell:


That’s my A4 “Plank 5” notebook on the left, filled with my favoured plotting method: plot points written in boxes and then joined together with arrows – some going across several pages.  If I had a dedicated writing office (I do have a desk, but it’s in the back bedroom, which is sometimes needed as, well, a back bedroom) I would have a plain white wall for the affixing of coloured Post-It notes, but as I don’t, the arrowed book will suffice.

So now the audio version of “Canary” is available.  (If you’re curious about the royalty/bounty side of audiobook sales, I’ve written about it before here.)  I trust that Audible (the audiobook member of the Amazon stable) will promote it to people who bought the audio “Fatal Forgery”, and I will need to get the word out there as well.  As before, they are going to send me a clutch of promo codes for free downloads, so I will consider how best to use those.  Last time, for “Fatal Forgery”, I offered them on a suitable audiobook forum in Goodreads, so I may do the same again.  Any other suggestions?  I could run a competition, I suppose…  Let me get back to you on that one.

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