Susan Grossey

Plank in the Wild

I have decided to add a new page to my author website, called “Plank in the Wild”.  This will replace the hugely unsuccessful “Plank Q&A” page, which – in a whole year of existence – has not received a single question…

Plank in the Wild” will be a bit of fun, featuring Plank books out and about.  So if you have any photos of your Plank books that you would like to share, please do email them to me – I’ve put up a couple to get us started.  Let me know if you’re happy to appear in the photo, or would rather be cropped out.  And if *pause while I imagine this degree of wonderment* you ever see a stranger reading a Plank book, please oh please oh please photograph them surreptitiously and email it to me.  It is the stuff of which my authorish dreams are made.

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