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I am sorry that I have been so silent recently.  A combination of two things has kept me away from Sam.  First there was the coming into force on Monday of this week of new anti-money laundering legislation here in the UK (which has required me to update all of my “serious” day-job books, and do all sorts of other activities to spread the word).  And the second was a dental infection (I’ll spare you the details – and thanks be to everything that I don’t live in the 1820s, with their rather more rudimentary and robust approach to dental treatment) that has sapped me of energy.  But I’m coming back from the brink now, and fully expect some quality Sam time this weekend.

But thankfully my marvellous writer friend Debbie Young has stepped into the breech, and has chosen “Portraits of Pretence” as one of the pair of books in her inaugural “Recommended Weekend Reading” blog post.  In this post, she compares Sam to the policeman hero of another series of crime novels, set slightly earlier and written by the lovely Lucienne Boyce – and they have a lot in common!  For those who don’t know her, Debbie is a talented writer and a voracious reader and reviewer – it’s very well worth following her blog.  And when she praises my lovely Sam, well, what can I do but re-blog?  Many, many thanks to Debbie.

I did consider simply putting the whole blog post in (I’m quite new at this re-blogging lark) but I’d much rather you toddled over to Debbie’s blog and met her for yourself.  So here it is: Debbie Young’s blog post.