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I can see the finish line – “Plank 5” is almost there.  And as I wrestle with the final chapters, I have lined up my usual fabulous team to help me to publication: the cover designers at Design for Writers; my husband (for eagle-eyed proofreading – how he does love to catch me out in a spelling mistake); and Roy in Jersey.  Roy’s job, right from “Fatal Forgery”, has been to read the first proper draft for sense, looking for inconsistencies and what he has taken to calling “plot holes”.

Isn’t that a great phrase?  You can just imagine them, nasty great gaps in the story that sit there unseen.  Your reader is cruising along, enjoying the journey, when all of a sudden, crash!  They go into a plot hole and – metaphorically speaking – the wheel comes off and the journey is over.  I’ve spotted a couple of them myself (along the lines of “but how did he know that she would be there?”, or “what made her ask him that?”) but no doubt Roy will see a few more.  Sometimes the writer has her nose so close to the tarmac that she can’t see the plot holes herself…