Susan Grossey

And breathe…

Just a quick update to let you know that I have heard from Roy the plot man, and the news is good.  He does have some (as always perceptive and excellent) comments, but his overall view is favourable: “I found this story most enjoyable… Also, I find that you have developed your factual storytelling to include more human emotion and this adds greatly to the overall readability.  In conclusion, a lovely book.  Possibly your best.”

I cannot tell you what a relief this is; when you’ve been writing a book in isolation for eighteen months, you definitely stop seeing it objectively.  For all I knew, it was complete self-indulgent drivel, and handing it over for the first time to someone else is terrifying.

The plan now is to spend the next few days incorporating Roy’s suggestions into “Faith, Hope and Trickery”.  I will then read it all again myself, then print it out for proofreading by my husband, who is a very slow and therefore observant reader.  Then it’s final checks before cutting and pasting the text into the interior template.  At this point I allow myself the fun task of choosing chapter names – at the moment, they’re just numbers and dates.  Then I will know the page count, which CreateSpace needs in order to generate the cover template for me to send to the cover designer.  Heavens, when I write it all down, there’s still plenty to do in just over a month – I’d better get on with it!


  1. Graham Thomas Avatar
    Graham Thomas

    Dear Susan

    Congratulations, that is such good news about “Faith, Hope and Trickery” from Roy. As you say though, still a long way to go to reach the finishing line but, for us lucky fans, the 38 day countdown will hopefully whizz past.

    Best wishes


    1. ihatemoneylaundering Avatar

      Hello Graham
      Yes, it’s very encouraging – but 38 days suddenly sounds like not very many!
      Best wishes from Susan

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