Susan Grossey

Breaking cover

What can I say, but taa-dah!  Here is the wonderful cover for “Faith, Hope and Trickery”:


You will recognise the usual three elements: engraving of a figure, blurry background document, and bespoke font-ed title.  I can’t begin to tell you the trouble we had finding our figure this time – all the standard preachers were too old or too 1790s or too wiggy or too static, and often all four.  But eventually we found this rather Byronic chap, emoting in a graveyard, and the marvellous people at Design for Writers very kindly gave him some preaching bands – the white things at his collar – borrowed from another image.

As for the colour, the choice was unanimous.  I don’t think I mentioned this – should have done – but on Valentine’s Day I was guest speaker at a crime book club which meets at bookshop Heffers in Cambridge, called Crimecrackers.  I had a whale of a time, as I always do when asked to speak about Sam, and when I told them about the plot of “FH&T”, they all chorused that the cover should be purple – ecclesiastical purple.  And so it came to pass.


  1. Victoria Blake Avatar
    Victoria Blake

    It’s very dramatic and looks lovely in purple! And I’m very honoured to be quoted. Really looking forward to reading it. Congratulations!

    1. ihatemoneylaundering Avatar

      I think your comment looks perfect on the cover, Victoria – thank you again for letting me use it. I hope the book lives up to its promise…!

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