Yes, it’s that time again.  Work on “Plank 6” is now advanced enough for me to turn to you, my dear readers, to choose the title under which it will be launched on the world in October.  For those of you new to our Sam Plank family, I should explain.  I decided on the title of the first book (that was “Fatal Forgery”) all by myself but then realised that I could outsource this difficult choice.  So from the second book onward, I have compiled a shortlist of five possible titles and turned the final decision over to you.

Before you can make an informed decision, of course, you need to know a little about the story of “Plank 6”.  In 1829, a young man returns from the family plantation in the Cayman Islands after an absence of five years to be at his father’s deathbed – and to inherit his estate.  But is the son who he says he is?  Anyone with any doubts about his identity seems to meet an untimely end, but his sister swears that he is her beloved brother.  With their investigations leading them into the world of inheritance law and due process after death, Sam and Wilson learn about the “death trade” and those who profit from it – legally, or by fraud.  In short, it’s death and money.

Here are the five possible titles.  I have checked them all on Amazon and elsewhere and am happy that, even if another book exists with a similar title, there would be no confusion.  Votes please – I’ll close the poll at the end of July.