Susan Grossey

Looking backwards and forwards

And here we are, staring into a whole new year – there can’t be many among us who are sad to see the back of 2020…  I know that my creativity took quite a knock; much as I admire all those who managed to use the endless weeks and months of lockdown to burrow into their projects, I have to admit that constant low-level anxiety and uncertainty took up most of my brain space.  As a result, I am now confronted by two stalled books – “Gregory 1” and “Plank 7” – and I am very much hoping that 2021 will be different.

Self-pity aside, I must gird my loins and look at my sales figures for the past year.  But despite Amazon reporting target-busting sales and (apparently) people turned to reading for comfort and escape, the boom has not quite hit my own titles!  In 2020, I sold 36 paperbacks across the six titles in the Sam series, and 185 e-books.  (But before you pat me on the back for those e-books, I must confess that 153 of those were downloaded for free during a promotion I ran in March/April.  So only 32 of the e-books brought in any money.)  And my little business book – “The Solo Squid” – sold 12 paperbacks and 16 e-books.

And so to money: with an average royalty of 90p per sale, my life as an author netted me about £86.40 in royalties in 2020.  Unfortunately, I also had to pay £200 for the cover for “The Solo Squid”, plus my memberships of the Society of Authors and the Alliance of Independent Authors (neither of which I would do without), so I’m actually about £350 in the red.  But as I don’t drink (yet…), smoke, or collect diamond jewellery or expensive cars, it’s a hobby I can afford.  And once I can reclaim some of this mis-used brain space, I can get back to enjoying it.  Happy new year to one and all!


  1. Graham Thomas Avatar
    Graham Thomas

    Dear Susan

    Thank you for the annual sales summary and I’m sorry that 2020 saw you having to subsidise your hobby rather than netting you a profit. As you say, we hope for better things in 2021, on so many fronts!

    We’ve no doubt got a few more difficult months ahead of us yet but hopefully your wonderful creativity will receive a boost before too long.

    Best wishes and a very happy new year to you


    1. ihatemoneylaundering Avatar

      Dear Graham
      Ah well, I’m extremely fortunate to be able to indulge myself like this – thankfully the day job pays the bills, so I can swallow a bit of a loss.
      Yes, here’s to much-improved 2021 for us all!
      Best wishes from Susan

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