Susan Grossey

And now… looking up!

Just a quick post today, to share my happiness.  In my last post [I always picture a sombre bugler when I write that] I updated you on sales of my books, including my little business book – “The Solo Squid: How to Run a Happy One-Person Business”.  And today I have received this lovely message via Goodreads (which I have linked to receive automatic sharing of my blog posts):

As one of the 16 who bought the Solo Squid e-book, please accept my thanks!  I felt I had a friend as I read it through what has been a tough year for my own business.  Your shared thoughts helped me work out whether I should give up on the business or keep going (I kept going and am now pretty busy).

Isn’t that just the loveliest thing?  I enjoyed writing the Squid, but to know that I actually helped someone to make important decisions is so exciting.  So if you’ve ever finished a book and found it has made a significant difference to you in some way, why not send the author a quick note?  I am grinning madly at mine, so I know how marvellous it is!

And if you’re now thinking that the Squid might be worth a look, here’s the link:  I also have a Squid Facebook page ( ) and Twitter feed ( ) – they feature the same information, but I try to upload a bit of “squisdom” two or three times a week.

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