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We have a winner!  Thanks to everyone who voted in our title poll, and “Plank 7” is now officially “The Notes of Change”.  I like all the hints that this gives – change, of course, plus also banknotes, and promissory notes, and change from a transaction, and alterations of all sorts.  Here’s hoping the book itself lives up to that!

Many of you will know that I have been ill for more that a week with covid – a mild case, just utterly exhausted – and I have been very thankful that I had already decided to slow down with “The Notes of Change”, otherwise it would have been one more thing to feel guilty about.  As it is, I am enjoying getting used to the new title, and counting down the days until I am a full-time author from January onwards.

My next task – if something so enjoyable can be called a task – is to start thinking about the cover image.  As you may know from earlier titles, the cover of a Sam Plank novel has three main elements: title (done!) in bespoke font, suitably vintage-y colour (to leave to the cover designer, as my artistic sensibilities are nil), and figure in outline.  This last is my domain, and I know that I will spend many happy hours looking for the right person – right age, right historical period, right appearance.  At the moment, I’m thinking croupier or auctioneer…