Susan Grossey

Tinkering and blurbing

We’re very much on the home straight now, with “Notes of Change”.  Yes, the eagle-eyed among you will have spotted the slight alteration there, with dropping the The – an excellent suggestion from the chap known as Beta Reader Roy.  He has come up with several more excellent suggestions, so that’s my work organised for next week.

Now, I need your thoughts – it’s back cover blurb time again.  I have already run this past my Facebook friends and long-suffering family, and now it’s your turn.  Here’s where we are so far:

In the autumn of 1829, the body of a wealthy young man is found dumped in a dust-pit behind one of London’s most exciting new venues.  Constable Sam Plank’s enquiries lead him from horse auctions to houses of correction, and from the rarefied atmosphere of the Bank of England to the German-speaking streets of Whitechapel.  And when he comes face to face with an old foe, he finds himself considering shocking compromises…

The new and highly organised Metropolitan Police is taking to the streets, calling into question the future of the magistrates’ constables.  Sam’s junior constable, William Wilson, is keen to sign up, but what is an old campaigner like Sam to do when faced with the new force and its little black book of instructions?

What do you think?  Are you tempted to hand over hard cash to know more?  Any suggestions for improvement most grateful received.

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