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Publication Day!

Goodness, I almost forgot to blog about it, so absorbed have I been in revelling in the arrival of Publication Day! It’s not quite the same as for traditionally-published authors, whose agents arrange for them to be serenaded at dawn before being pulled through the streets on a golden carriage, crowds cheering their triumph, on their way to sign thousands of hardback copies for almost unmanageable queues of adoring readers who have been waiting since midnight for their arrival. My day started with cat and husband demanding breakfast, then me putting a dark wash on and dashing to the shops for milk and a bag of mixed salad. You see, thanks to the unpredictability of Amazon’s publishing process, you can never be sure exactly when your book will appear. And as a result, you can never be sure whether you will actually have your own book in your hands on Publication Day. Which I do not – my big box of author copies is apparently arriving tomorrow.

But these are small quibbles [now there’s a good title for a book]. The fact remains that “Notes of Change” – the seventh and final Sam Plank novel – is now available. If Amazon’s your thing, click on the book cover to be taken to your local site:

If, on the other hand, you’d prefer a different e-format, click here to buy it from Barnes & Noble/Nook, or from Draft2Digital, or from Google Books, or from Kobo, or from Smashwords. You can even get it in PDF form from Gumroad.

So that’s it for now: I shall take a month off writing, and then in June it’s onwards with the Gregory Hardiman series – can’t wait!

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