Apologies: that last post was a bit stark, wasn’t it? I really only meant it as a holding post, and then I published it in haste.

It’s true, I will no longer be adding to this blog. But I have not disappeared. Rather, I spent much of my festive break working on a spiffy new website, and you can now toddle over to that to read about what I am up to.

Importantly, there is a free monthly e-newsletter that you can receive. This will contain all the latest on my research and upcoming books, as well as exclusive access to competitions, giveaways and first reads. The research portion of the e-newsletter will eventually appear on the website but only six months after subscribers have received it, so do sign up to be the first to get hold of it.

Here’s the link to my new website: https://susangrossey.com

And here’s where you can sign up for that free monthly e-newsletter.

I hope to see you soon!