I love hearing from people – remember, we writers spend a LOT of time alone.  In fact, I wonder which comes first: the desire to be alone, or people leaving you alone because all you can talk about is these imaginary characters in your head.

So if you’d like to contact me, please leave a comment on the Current project blog page, or email me: susangrosseyauthor at gmail dot com

10 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi Susan, just seen and commented on your post about bookmarks, which my WordPress account had alerted me to, and I’m pleased to spot on your sidebar that you’ll be publishing a sequel to “Fatal Forgery” on 31st October. If you’d like to send me a free review copy, I’d love to read and review it. No pressure, though!
    Best wishes, Debbie

  2. Hello Debbie
    You can’t imagine how much I was hoping you would offer! So yes please: as soon as I have my first copies of (wait for it) “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat” in my sweaty little paws, I will send one to you.
    Thank you for offering.
    Best wishes from Susan

  3. Hi Susan I was wondering if you’d like to do a Q&A with me on my blog about Portraits of Pretence. I need to read it first and i could then send you the questions. There would be no rush and you could take your time. I would just need an e-mail to send the questions to. Let me know if you’d like to. All the best Vicky

  4. Ken Proctor said:

    Congrats, Susan on the “Discovering Diamonds” fame. That’s actually how I found you. I hope to submit some of my work there soon but have a few hoops to jump thru first. Editor, Agent, Publisher… you know. The little details. How did you make that leap from writer to author? We could use some tips our here.

    • Many thanks, Ken, and welcome to the blog. It’s lovely to know that being a “Discovered Diamond” is paying dividends in new readers. Well, there’s plenty of information I can share, but much of it has been in earlier blog posts, so do have a good rootle around. I don’t have a professional editor: I have several beta-readers, a proof-reader and a husband. And I don’t have any flavour at all of agent or publisher: I am self-published. That’s one of the joys of the “Discovering Diamonds” set-up: they don’t distinguish between traditionally published and self-published books, as they take the view that good stuff can come from anywhere. I love self-publishing and would recommend it, but it’s hard work: you have to be a one-person marketing machine as well as an author, and that can be tiring and (sometimes) dispiriting. That’s partly why I started this blog, so that I can share all of the things I have tried, and which have worked and which haven’t. It’s a very co-operative world, self-publishing, which is part of the fun.
      Best wishes from Susan

  5. Hi Susan, I’ve locked myself out of my twitter account (dear vintage UK) so Ive been missing your updates. Congratulations on Discovering Diamonds. I have been writing for a few years and find it hard I start off fine and then my mind goes blank. I will however stick at it but time is an issue. Anyway well done, very much deserved. Regards Tracy ( Sam and Martha fan)

    • Hi Tracy, thank you so much for this lovely comment – I was very pleased with the Discovered Diamond accolade, particularly as I am in the throes of writing “Plank 5” and need all the encouragement I can find! It always seems such a monumental goal – a whole book – and I have to keep reminding myself that I’ve managed it before… And Sam and Martha will be delighted to know that you are a fan (yes, I do talk to both of them). Best wishes from Susan

  6. Tracy Skerratt said:

    Hi Susan, I had no idea you had a new novel out. So looking forward to reading Faith, Hope, and Trickery. I am glad you talk to Sam and Martha 🙂

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