I write a regular column for financial trade paper Money Laundering Bulletin.  Every other month this column features a short story with, as its hero, Edward Jones.  A brave and inventive compliance officer, he does battle against the forces of financial evil – both inside and outside his own bank.  These stories have been gathered into a series of e-books called “Suspicious Activity”.

My first full-length novel – which was published in July 2013 – is called “Fatal Forgery”, and follows the adventures of Constable Samuel Plank as he investigates financial crime in Regency London.  Paper money has just been introduced, and to protect it the government has decreed that forgery of it will be a death penalty offence.  But England is in financial crisis after the cripplingly expensive Napoleonic Wars.  Banker Henry Fauntleroy is determined to keep his banking house afloat, despite the increasing demands on it by creditors.  What he does to solve his problems sets him on a collision course with Sam – a seasoned police officer fascinated by the new opportunities for crime offered by London’s world-leading financial services sector.  Will Sam find out what motivates Henry in time to save him from the scaffold?

While writing “Fatal Forgery” I made the mistake of falling in love with my hero, and this gave rise to a series of book, the Sam Plank Mysteries.  I am now working on the sixth book in the series.

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