Monthly research updates

In order to make my novels as historically accurate as possible and – let’s be honest – because I love it, I do the most enormous amount of research behind the scenes. I spend days, hours, weeks in archives – both online and in person – and there is no rabbit-hole so obscure that I won’t explore it. Now, it seems a shame to keep all of that lovely information to myself, so once a month I choose a topic that I have been researching and share some background to it with subscribers. All free, gratis and for nothing!

So if you would like to sign up for these monthly updates, which come out on the first of each month, click here. As a thank you for signing up, you will also get a handy little glossary of Regency terms, gathered from the Sam Plank novels.

And if you’re now kicking yourself for not signing up earlier, here is a link to the archive of previous updates.

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