Plank Q&A

I was originally going to call this page “Sam Q&A”, but then Martha heard about it and gave me one of her looks – Sam will know exactly what I mean.  And so I have expanded my remit.

Samuel Plank and his wife Martha live in London – north Piccadilly, just south of Regent’s Park – in the 1820s.  They have been married for more than twenty years, and Sam works as a magistrates’ constable attached to Great Marlborough Street Magistrates’ Court.  (If you ever go to the Liberty department store in London, stand with your back to it and look across Great Marlborough Street and slightly to the right – that’s Sam’s old office, now a hotel.)  They are the main characters in my series of financial crime novels, starting with “Fatal Forgery” (set in 1824), then “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat” (1825) and “Worm in the Blossom” (1826).  There will be seven books in total, taking us to 1830.

If you have read any of them, you will know that Sam is a man of few words, but he thinks very deeply about many things.  Martha is, as the Queen said recently of Prince Philip, Sam’s strength and stay.  They have seen and experienced much – crime and punishment, love and hatred, hope and despair, fear and desire.

So if you would like to ask them anything – about life in the 1820s, about sustaining a long marriage, about what they eat for dinner or wear to church (or even if they go to church) – just leave a comment on this page and I will consult them.  Or you can surprise them with your modernity and leave a Tweet for them on ConstablePlank.

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