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I have just spent the morning learning more about self-promotion for the self-published – I swear it takes longer to sell a book than it does to write one!  But it is all good fun, as I love learning new skills.  And my Skill of the Day is MailChimp, which is a service for sending email “campaigns” to lists of subscribers.  I like the idea of producing regular updates for those who might be interested – although I am a little uncertain as to the difference between that and a blog.  Anyway, I have decided that it is worth a bash, and MailChimp seems a reputable system; they have very advanced anti-spam controls, and insist on all sorts of undertakings from me that I will abide by their rules.  And it will be a good way for me to gauge genuine levels of interest in my books, as well as enabling me to send out targeted information and offers.  So I have set it up from my end, and if you would like to take part and receive occasional email updates from me, please click on the quill pen in the left margin and sign up on the MailChimp form that will appear as if by magic.

In case the demand is overwhelming and it turns out that people are desperate for information, I have already started on my first update, which deals with Plank’s London and will show you some of the locations from “Fatal Forgery” and from the new Plank adventure that I am currently writing.