Susan Grossey

The Grossey glossary

Try saying that after a few glasses of Pimms…  Someone who read “Fatal Forgery” and knows that I am nearing completion of “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat” (title now decided, and many thanks to all of you who made suggestions and voted) suggested that it might be useful to have a glossary in the back.  I try not to be too “gadzooks!” about it all, but some of the Regency vocabulary is such fun that I do like to include it – and of course it helps remind the reader that this is an historical novel.  So on the last read-through, I was looking for words that I now take for granted, but that first-time readers might stop and wonder at.  I used my husband as a guinea-pig, and asked him if he could guess what “flash the hash” might mean.  (No typo: hash, not cash.)  Granted, it was out of context for him (he doesn’t like to read my books until they’re finished, so has not idea what this one is about), but he was nowhere near.  It means to throw up – but what a great way to say it!

Long story short, I have now put together a little glossary for “Canary”, and the plan is to take it from book to book and expand it as I go.

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