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Entitled to your say

Just a quick post today – it is a bank holiday weekend, after all – to remind you that there are only four days left for you to have your say about the title for “Plank 4”.  The poll will be closing at midnight GMT on Wednesday 31 August 2016, and I will send the poll winner straight to the cover designers for incorporation in whatever masterpiece they are cooking up.  I can’t tell you which of the five titles it is, in case you have yet to vote and it influences your decision, but there is a clear front-runner at the moment (and it’s not the one I would have chosen, left to my own devices – which is exactly what happened with “Plank 2” and “Plank 3”, and the readers’ choice was always the best one in the end).

So if you have not yet said which of the five possible titles you favour, you’d better get a wriggle on.

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