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Just because I am counting the days (thirty!) until the official arrival of “Portraits of Pretence”, don’t think that I have forgotten my other Plankish projects.  For a start, Guy the narrator has already embarked on the audiobook of “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat”.  Sales of the first AudioSam are going well, and autumn is a relatively quiet time for Guy, so it made sense for him to use his down-time to crack on with AudioSam II.  We’re not rushing to get this one finished, as I figure that the publication of audiobooks in the gap between publication of new books will give everyone a nice fillip – so perhaps March or April 2017.

Secondly, I have just met with the Map Man and he has shown me the rough draft of Sam’s London.  Here it is, with the new book on it for scale:


And here is some detail – that’s the area around Great Marlborough Street:


So yes, rather large – and perhaps not practical at that scale for inclusion in paperback books.  So the next step is to decide on the extent of the map, and then for the Map Man to make a tidy version of it – he has the most beautiful penmanship, so the labels will look lovely.  He is also intending to include some little drawings of key sites – here are a couple of prisons, for example:


And thirdly, I have started to jot down some ideas for “Plank 5”.  I already know the key plot point, of course – I planned that for each of the seven books right back at the beginning.  Shall I tell you?  Hmmmm, OK then: inheritance gone wrong.  It’s been a few weeks now since I wrote anything new for Sam, and I’m starting to miss it.